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RC: bonnaroo....phil lesh to close out Sunday.

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wouldn't miss it for the world...

have been going every year cept the first.

this year's line up is by far my most favorite...last year they made it soooo comfortable it was fantastic..and the fact that there are going to be 10 000 less people there this year is going to equal PURE COMFORT.

hopefully it doesn't rain too much.

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rain and mud can be fun indeed...

however, walking away from Trey in 04 i feel in a sink whole about thigh high and almost dislocated my knee....fucking scary....there were these sketchy weirdos standing around the sink hole and instead of warning people about it...they would just wait till people fell in and then would laugh and give them a hard time about it...fucking douche bags.

a few minutes later while trekking through the mud heap my friend stops cold in his tracks and with a shakey voice says "i think i just stepped on a baby" ...scared the shit out of all of us...then he cracks up and continues walking....had me there for a second.

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