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Canadians and Religious Practice


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Trouble is, imo, nobody can actually say just what "religion" is.

Half of Canadians practise religion monthly: StatsCan

Less than a third of adults attend a religious service every month, but about half do something religious, says a study that suggests Canadians are more devout than is often assumed.

About 32 per cent of adults attend a service at least once a month, according to the Statistics Canada study Who's Religious?, released Tuesday.

But about 21 per cent of the people who were surveyed said they carried out some religious practice – such as praying or meditating – in private.

Why don't they ever mention getting all dosed up and checking out a show? Hm?

My theory is that that would change if performers could get tax-exemption privileges like the clergy.

[edit to add:] link to study

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