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SLOWCOASTER, DAVE LAUZON, Thursday, May. 18th: Hamilton>pjc


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Right on, I was hoping somthing like this would happen, was sort of holding some regret that I'm going to miss Slowcoaster at ctmf, now I'll get to catch a show. Add to it that Dave's playing also. Perfect.

See ya there.

Cheers & thanks kc.

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hope to get to this aswell!

have never seen slowcoaster but everyone I know in the east raves about them...

and Dave Lauzon... well, he is just a giant bonus... I would want to go if it was just him tonight...

so will he be doing his own set and playing with slowcoaster?

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Lauzon's set was magnificant. Quite different then Nero.

Laid back and funky but not boring.

He had everyones attention. (minus a few smokers outside)

It was great.

Highly recomended.

too bad he's not at ctmf.

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Sadly, I wasn't able to make it to the show, due to a family commitment and a shortage of entertainment funds. It was however, great to cross paths & spend some time with Dave & Ms. Bear after the show though, its been way too long since I crossed path with those fine folks thats for sure.

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