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EUFA proposes domestic player quota


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They used to have a rule like this years not so many years ago. I'm not sure but I think it was abolished when the Cup Winners Cup changed to the champions league. This isnt exactly rocket science and should be inplace anyways to stop teams like Arsenal and even my Rangers...no wonder Scotland cant win a game...they have no place for their players to play competitive soccer.

I think the old rule was 3 or 4 foriegn players could play in a European game and you could play as many as you wanted in domestic leauge.

-from F365.com

The European Commission have thrown their weight behind UEFA's plan to promote local talent by demanding a quota of home-grown players in a 25-man squad.

European football's governing body have introduced measures to ensure that clubs include two players trained from their own youth academies. There is still a question of legality over the issue but a public hearing to discuss the future of European football was held on Wednesday in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Richard Corbett, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber and a member of the 13-person review team, said: "It may well be in due course that somebody goes to court on this. However, the outcome of Wednesday's meeting, in my view, is that the European Commission understand the need for this and do not think it is a disproportionate measure."

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the continental european leagues will benefit greatly from this especially Spain, Italy and Portugal. There is more imports there then anywhere else really, barring the big english clubs. I used to love the dutch league but it was dessimated by the big money clubs when free tranfers came into existence. Come to think of it I dont like that rule either.

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