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JFJO in Hamilton Tickets?

afro poppa

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You're welcome. Here's what I did:

  • Googled for 'jacob fred jazz odyssey'
  • clicked on the band's website (which was the first returned link)
  • clicked on the band's tour dates
  • clicked on the Hamilton show (which was a bit tricky to find, as the link was associated with the "JFJO" text in the event description, rather than, say, the date of the show)
  • that brought up an order page for tickets, so I just posted the URL for the event in my response to afro poppa

I should make WikiHow entry for this kind of thing...



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Doors: 7:00PM / Support: 8:00PM / JFJO: 9:30PM (two sets)



bookmark the PJC live page, I do the updates on that... always try to make sure the pertinent deets are up... going to be re-working the page over the next little bit but its currently functional (and hopefully helpful)

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Between 100 and 300 tickets are usually sold depending on the event. For JFJO we're cutting it off at 150 because we're leaving most of the tables and chairs out.....there will still be some room for dancing. Last time JFJO did 74 people and I expect that number to double so I'd get your tixs in adv if you can.

You can also order them over the phone from the venue, without a service charge - 905.525.6666. The best time to purchase tickets in person or by phone is 5-9pm Mon through Sat. If you call it's possible you might get a voice mail message between these hours because the staff is busy with other customers. Please be patient and try back a bit later. Sorry for any inconvenience.

For anyone that doesn't know what this JFJO business is all about here's a link to the original thread complete with artist description.


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