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Upcoming Dave Lauzon Solo Shows

Pablo Sanchez

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Alright, my first gig spam and I get to refer to myself in the third person!

I'm really looking forward to this upcoming run of shows I'm doing. In particular its been a long time since I've played out of town. I've done the bus and the van, now its the mighty Hyundai!

I'll be doing a mix of acoustic and electric guitar, live looping, synth etc... I've been working on some new stuff and fine tuning my other material. I'll most likely be doing 45minutes to a 1hour set each night.

Here's the dates:

Tuesday May 9th - Ottawa at Maverick's opening for Drums and Tuba.

Thursday May 11th - Kingston at Elixr opening for Drums and Tuba

Thursday May 18th - Hamilton at Pepperjack's opening for Slowcoaster.

Looking forward to seeing some of you out.



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I've done the bus and the van, now its the mighty Hyundai!

Hmmm...ISTR (2003-11-01 at Canton, NY) a multi-vehicle touring setup, with Jay and Chris in the Van, and you (and Lara?) in a blue compact. Mind you, that was one day after Ween in Burlington, VT, so my memory may be playing tricks on me...



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