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pure gold!

Phish, the Rock Band

Phish at Bob Jones University


Phish at Bob Jones University

Phish is also the name of a Christian Rock band, originally known as The Loaves and Phishes. The band was phounded by singer/guitarist Trey Anastasio, a member of the Trés Troika - an ophphshoot of the Trilateral Commission that also includes South Park co-creator Trey Parker and Trés Cool of Green Day. The band is known phor its extreme hard line against all phorms of recreational drug use. Surprisingly, in 2002, the band members were convinced to sophten their stand and support marijuana phor medical purposes by Homer Simpson. They even perphormed a benephit concert in Simpson's home town oph Springphield, Alaska to keep medical marijuana phrom being re-criminalized. However, the concert abruptly ended when they discovered that several audience members were using cannabis recreationally. The song played during this appearance was Run Like An Antelope circa 1992.

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