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20 greatest rock basslines ever


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so.. I listen to a podcast called Basscast (http://basscast.libsyn.com/) which is all about bass playing and people who love the bass..

anyway.. this past podcast they went through their 20 greatest rock basslines ever and they are:

01 - Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

02 - Roundabout - Yes

03 - Money - Pink Floyd

04 - Super Freak Part I - Rick James

05 - Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - Sly & The Family Stone

06 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

07 - Dazed And Confused - Led Zepplin

08 - Badge - Cream

09 - Higher Ground - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

10 - Taxman - The Beatles

11 - Free Will - Rush

12 - Brick House - The Commodores

13 - Thela Hun Ginjeet - King Crimson

14 - NIB - Black Sabbath

15 - Good Times - Chic

16 - Bernadette - The Four Tops

17 - London Calling - The Clash

18 - Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream

19 - Jeremy - Pearl Jam

20 - Ramble On - Led Zepplin

pretty good list if you ask me.. though I don't know if I'd have Another One Bites The Dust as number 1.. it's hard for me to rank that higher than the bassline that inspired it, Good Times by Chic.

Anyway.. your thoughts? do you agree? disagree? think some are ranked too high? some not high enough?

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timouse's Zappa quote in his signature makes me think of one that's not so much a greatest bassline per se, but a great bass performance: "Rubber Shirt" by Zappa (and O'Hearn and Bozzio). Zappa took a recording of Patrick O'Hearn playing bass (it was either a written piece of improvised; I can't remember which) and synced it up with a recorded Terry Bozzio drum solo (in 11/4). The recordings, however, were originally done separately, without being intended to be joined. The result is...interesting.



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13 - Thela Hun Ginjeet - King Crimson

This is one of many reasons why I'm blown away that Tony Levin is playing at the Corktown in Hamilton!

The Barney Miller theme song ... yes! ... a friend of mine used to play it in highschool, but I totally forgot about that until I heard Ian from Diesel Dog play it a year or two ago at a show.

Peace, Mark

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"How Many More Times" by Led Zeppelin should be on there somewhere, as should "Groove Is In The Heart" by Dee-Lite (or whatever track inspired it).

That bassline is actually sampled.. It originally came from the song "Bring Down The Birds" by Herbie Hancock.

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