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Last minute gig Friday night in Toronto (featuring me)


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Ahoy all,

I'm playing a last-minute gig this Friday night at Session Pub (512 Queen Street West) with The Surly Young Bucks, a side project comprised of:

Max Kerman (Charlemagne): vocals, piano, guitar

Mike DeAngelis (Charlemagne): guitar, bass, piano, vocals

Aaron Goldstein (i.e. me): bass, guitar, vocals

Sean Burak: drums, vocals

This will be a preview of a loose collective of a folk/roots-rock group that I hope will take shape over this summer. We'll be playing for as long as they let us, we've rehearsed a handful of Max and Mike's awesome originals and a whole whack of Band covers. This will be a great gig! Sorry I'm so short on details.

Check out my site

Check me out on MySpace

Check out Charlemagne on MySpace

Check out The Session's website

Hope to see you out,


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Bump, with a music sample. This tune is a demo, no drums. Max played piano and sang, Mike played acoustic and harmonica and sang, and I played bass, all off the floor. Then I overdubed slide guitar and Max and Mike did the voices at the end. So if you can imagine tunes like this, but a little more rocked up what with the drums and all, that's about what you'll get on Friday night.

Hey Philosophy

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Thanks for the bump and the question good buddy. As a matter of fact I have just become aware of the details.

We're playing with a band called Coquet. That's all I know about them. We're on around 11 for about an hour or so, but we're last so maybe we'll stretch it out a bit. Cover is apparently pay what you can.

Here's something else: we recorded our rehearsal today, just one mic in the middle of the room. It yielded a pretty good recording of one of the originals (I think). I'm also going to include Hey Philosophy (the tune I posted the other day) from today's rehearsal. I hope you enjoy.


Hey Philosophy

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