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Black Crowes Ottawa!


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Also' date=' she suggested entering via the Rideau Center as there is a picket going on outside the main entrance. [/quote']

It's painfully obvious I have/had no idea where I am going tonight.

where the hell did you think you were going? well, if you were at Phish in '94 (you weren't loser because the dead were EVERYTHING) you'd know :P

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The shopping mall entrance is on the first floor.

Opposite end from the escalators that go down.

If you are standing with your back to the elevator, escalators that go up and second cup veer left, go past the art store and just a wee bit further there's a door with a blue OCC sign above it.

Its also across from one of those makeup places where they do passerbys faces.

If you hit Le Chateau you've gone to far.

Have fun.

If its the chefs or upper management bartending you needn't worry about tipping too much as they all clear a hundred grand a year in saleries.

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We already have a set list!


Virtue And Vice

Wiser Time

Greasy Grass River

Girl From The North Country

By Your Side

Girl From A Pawnshop

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

My Morning Song


Share The Ride->

Mellow Down Easy ->

High Head Blues

Soul Singing


- encore -

She Talks To Angels

# Chris played acoustic guitar on "Girl From The North Country"

# Rich sang lead vocals, played 12 string acoustic guitar and Chris played acoustic guitar on "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"

# Marc sang lead vocal and Chris played electric guitar on "L.A"



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Great fucking show. No time to talk, more boozin' is ahead. My Morning Song. Jesusfuck.

I met a Lynx pitcher from Texas at some bar afterwards. Wickedness.

Best show I've seen in two years.

Funny enough, Magic Pat said that was the best show he has seen since he moved to Ottawa (a year and a half ago).

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