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THE BUDOS BAND(Dap-Kings meets Antibalas), Kobayashi: HAMILTON


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PJC proudly presents

Daptone recording artists


With special guests

KOBAYASHI (Montreal)

Guest Selectors: tba


@ The Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William St. Hamilton


$12 advance tickets. $15 day of.

Available at Pepper Jack's or Dr.Disc


THE BUDOS BAND is the quintessence of Staten Island Soul. Their exciting

new afro-influenced take on instrumental music has been captivating

listeners at gigs across the Tri-State area. Eleven pieces in all, their

group consists of drums, bass, guitar, electric organ, two trumpets,

baritone saxophone, and a percussion section employing bongos, congas,

tambourine, guiro, clave, shekere and cowbell. Their music has been

described as "compelling", "unbridled", "psychedelic", "innovative", and

above all "soulful." However, like many majestic things, their sound had

humble beginnings.

The core of the band met as youths while all participating in an after

school jazz ensemble at the Richmond Ave. Community Center, in Staten

Island, New York. It wasn't long before their common hunger for the rougher

stripped down sounds of Soul Music brought them together for late night

ferry rides into Manhattan, where they would sneak in the back door of the

No Moore Club downtown to hear bands like Antibalas, the Sugarman Three, and

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. It was there, in that basement hothouse

packed with only the hippest James Brown fanatics and Fela Kuti disciples,

where the kernels of instrumental Afro-Soul were first sown into the fertile

minds of these talented young men. Kernels which would later germinate and

grow into the roots of their strong unique sound. With the recruitment of a few horn players from the

neighboring borough of Brooklyn, the band began to practice regularly,

exploring the outer cosmic boundaries of afro-beat and soul music from the

safety of their tiny concrete rehearsal space on Sand St. As they learned

and grew together, their music matured, expanding and settling into a groove

as deep and as broad as the Hudson Bay itself.

Their debut, self-titled album on Daptone Records is hard evidence of their

eruption onto today's Funk and Soul scene. The dramatic peels of brass and

sax poured so liberally over sparsely orchestrated rhythm arrangements

intone moods which are in one instant hopeful and sinister, urgent and

nostalgic, buoyant and depthful beyond measure. The record opens with a

lone prowling bass line that circles it's listener four times before the

fierce calculating rhythms of the drums and percussion join in. It is not,

of course, until the barks and howls of the horns join the fray when we are

able to hear the full spectrum of the band's voice. The musicians claim the

secret to their enormous sound is a selfless approach to rhythm: each man

finding his own place and purpose in the greater landscape of the measure.

However, any observant listener can hear that it is something far more

simple and rare that elevates their sound beyond the sphere of cognitive

reason and into that far greater realm of pure feeling: The Budos Band have

Soul, on the inside. And it's strong.



Originally conceived as the jazzman's surrender to the hip-hop beat, Kobayashi's sounds have developed into an amalgamation of electronica, jazz, trip-hop and orchestral undertones. Formed at the crack of the new millennium, this seven-headed monster wasted little time infiltrating Montreal's musical underground, and then setting its sights on the rest of the country. With a musical style set to satisfy the energetic hot-stepper, the head-bopping groove aficionado and the cerebral shadow-lurking jazz musician alike, it is fitting that Kobayashi has been blessed with a loyal and growing fan base. www.kobayashimusic.com

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will this band be slept on and it's potential realized after they have come and gone?
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That good I guess.

Anyway, if anyone hasn't heard what these guys sound like, check out their myspace for some song samples.


I can't stress enough how much I am looking forward to having this band at the PJC. There are only 2 Canadian dates. Montreal and Hamilton.

This will be the bands first time in Canada. It will be a rare show, since they usually only play in New York.

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imagine KC has been a little busy with the big anniversary party tonight (headin that way myself right now)


and yes you are very correct... The Budos Band is going to be insane tomorrow night!

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