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DAVID KNOPFLER(Dire Staits founder) this THURSDAY, PJC

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PJC Presents





With special guest:


with and supported B.B. King, Dr. John, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Van Morrison...)


Advance Tickets: $10 available at pjc or dr. disc. $12 at the door.



David Knopfler

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, David Knopfler grew up in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North of England. By fourteen, David was performing his own songs in folk clubs and having learned guitar, piano and drums in his childhood, it’s not surprising to find he’s mastered many of the instruments he uses on his recordings. Despite a college degree, he can’t recall any other aspirations beyond composing and playing music.

David founded Dire Straits, and with brother Mark recorded three albums, touring the stadium circuit extensively, before resigning three years later to follow his own path of independent, singer-songwriter. For more than two decades he’s faithfully pursued his musical vision, writing and producing his own music on nine solo CDs to date.

David creates songs of substance. They are by turns deep and captivating, elegant and thought provoking, with clever, gripping lyrics, his exquisite sense of melody blending effortlessly. More attentive listeners might even find themselves decoding the frequent buried references David includes. An example is found in “Jericho†(from his 2002 album Wishbones), the words to which conceal titles of previous albums and songs.

David Knopfler has been fortunate enough to reach a wide audience without compromising his art. While he’s enjoyed the respect and admiration of his musical peers, widespread critical acclaim, international awards and worldwide chart successes, he’s managed, in his own country, Britain, to keep a profile so low as to be nearly invisible. He lives quietly in the English countryside, notching up an impressive list of writing credits

An understated integrity and honesty define Knopfler in both his work and private life. A family man and a lifelong member of organizations like Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Adopt a Minefield, David has always made uncompromising life choices. “I don’t regard what I do as remotely glamorous. I write and record music because I completely love doing it, despite any so called “celebrity status†that sometimes comes with the job.â€

David’s first book of poetry entitled Blood Stones and Rhythmic Beasts was released earlier this year by Blackwing Books.

His heroes are diverse, but if pressed to name them, he’ll usually mention such artists as Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, Lowell George and Bob Dylan.

Ship of Dreams, David’s latest recording, was co-produced with lifelong friend Harry Bogdanovs. Recorded mainly in London, it features some of Britain’s finest musicians, including Martin Ditcham, Pete Shaw, Alan Clark, Chris Rea, and Tim Whitehead, in addition to Harry Bogdanovs, who plays guitar, bass and mandolin. Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey makes an appearance (as mix engineer) on several tracks and two tracks feature new co-writing partners Megan Slankard and Mack Starks. The album’s cover features a painting generously supplied by Scotland’s most successful living artist, Jack Vettriano

David adds, “Ship of Dreams is easily my best work to date and I dug deeper than I ever have before to create it. I hope the critics and public will agree with me.â€

Steve Payne

Steve Payne has been described as both elusive and eccentric, but he is

one of Britain's best - and most widely travelled - blues, country and

roots guitarists and songwriters.

Starting as a solo singer in the early '70s, Payne toured Europe with

Loudon Wainwright and British comedian Jasper Carrott, led or played in

numerous different bands, moved to Los Angeles for three years before

going home again, performed regularly at the famous (or notorious)

Glastonbury Festival, and worked briefly on the east coast of the U.S.;

blues, r&b, rock and even punk were on his musical menu. He has always

alternated his American and Canadian tours with dates in Europe and the


Now his music is quieter and more thoughtful - people compare him to Roy

Harper and Nick Drake - and he's made three acoustic albums in the last

five years, mixing blues and country into an intriguing stew of roots



Toronto Star: "The songs exhibit a lyrical wit and cunning sense of

humour. A remarkable acoustic guitarist, capable of considerable

rhythmic powers and sweet slide work and understated elegance."

Exclaim!: "He manages to create timeless songs that get under your skin

and stay there. Calm yet impassioned vocals marry to distinctive

melodies and exemplary guitar-playing across a variety of themes."

Bristol Evening Post: "Payne is a brilliantly accomplished guitarist...

whose ability successfully understates the emotion of the music."


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As far as I remember, Mark Knopfler was Dire Straits' brainchild and David was the little brother that got to sit in on a few albums and tours. Either way, I'm psyched to see David play Bluesfest and would love to see Dire Straits either via reuniting or time machine.

"Once Upon a Time in the West"

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Don't beat yourself up man, I'm the real asshole in this situation. I got a good 20 reads before realizing the name mistake. Now, when those 20 people show up expecting Mark, I'm going to have to fake that it's him. Unless of course those people check back and see that it was just a mistake. Ok maybe an elaborate hoax. Fuck off already, I need money... and prestige.

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I'm a big fat liar.

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Don't worry - I've read your posting very carefully, and nowhere does it say that either of those two artists is actually performing live. You can play a bunch of Mark Knopfler CDs to start out the night, and then no one can blame you for false advertising.

I bet David Knopfler would love it if you spent the whole first half of the evening playing nothing but his brother's CDs. I bet that would make his day, if not his whole year.

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This sounds great!

A few of us ladies are having a potluck on Thursday to take advantage of the local harvest. Hopefully I can talk a few into coming out to this show afterwards. I also heard it was Julie's (Shady Grove) birthday. Which is clearly cause for further celebration...

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