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Free Kid Koala/ Zubot & Dawson show!

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Hey Everybaaady!

So theres a bit of a pre-party for the Scofield show on Sunday July 20th.. 4pm- at Rideau Hall (Gov Gen. Residence)- inside the grounds at the front gates, theres a kickass free show. Zubot and Dawson are great if you havent heard them- (i havent seen them, but I'm excited to) and then a Kid Koala set.. all free!

Its a cool opportunity for us as well, because the Rideau Hall event team has given this guy a chance to prove theres an audience (20s-30s) that will come to shows at Rideau Hall given the proper programming, so in lieu of Jeff Healy or Chantal Kraviachuk we can check out something a little more cutting edge for free!! I'll be there, snootin in the sun.


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Guest Low Roller

Right on! Kid Koala is tons of fun. I haven't heard anything of the other acts, but a free show at Rideau Hall as a pre-Scofield show is definitely cool.

Thanks for the notice GM!

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Hey everybody! I really hope that the Ottawa people take Monkey's advice on this one if only to support the programmer at Rideau Hall. Seriously it's about time that anyone in government realized that if you want to fight the SARS raged hospitality sector that Phish is the ticket and not the Stones. You get my gist, first Rideau Hall next step Parliament.

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