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David Knopfler @ Pepper Jack Cafe 7/12/2006

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David Knopfler

Pepper Jack Cafe

Wednesday July 12, 2006

David Knopfler is so similar to his brother Mark, yet so far away. Both David's and Mark's vocal styles where they often sound like they talk through the songs are so similar they sound like, well brothers. The lyrical imagery of both brothers stems from an obvious influence of Bob Dylan.

Yet David Knopfler never recorded with Bob Dylan like his brother Mark, that's where they are so far away from each other. The Knopfler brothers formed Dire Straits in England with John Illsley and Pick Withers releasing their self titled debut album in 1978. On that album contained the massive hit song "Sultans of Swing," and Dire Straits in the eighties through the early nineties became one of the biggest bands in world. David was never apart of that success in the eighties as he was out of the group after their sophomore effort 'Communiqué.'

At Pepper Jack Cafe in Hamilton on Wednesday July 12, David mentioned that people always ask him to perform Dire Straits material, someone in the audience said not to and David said he would not. Possibly the same fan in the audience said "Who's your brother, Mark?" David replied "These are my brothers Steve and Harry." David obviously feels closer the artists that are helping him on this Canadian tour, opening act Steve Payne who David knew back in his days in Deptford and Harry Bogdanovs the producer of his latest effort 'Ship of Dreams.' Then David went into a song about the Straits entitled "Easy Street,†brothers in arms indeed.

Over half of the set was from David's consistently strong effort 'Ship of Dreams.' Songs like the opening track "4U (Rabbit Song)," "God's Mockingbird," the aforementioned "Easy Street."

Also several of David's songs performed had the same title as other artists songs, like U2's "All I Want is You," Simon & Garfunkel's "America," and though it doesn't have the same title the song "Shine, Shine, Shine" mentioned in it's lyrics "There are a hundred songs called 'Shine' but this one's yours and mine." Making me think back to the hit song by Collective Soul and to the recent title track by Trey Anastasio that was not a hit song.

David closed the main set with Bruce Springsteen's "Tougher than the Rest," to which he stated here is one that you will know. Even if many people did not know David's material at Pepper Jack's that night, most seemed genuinely happy to be there watching the former Dire Strait play his material to them.

David's music is very thoughtful and often times sad. He and Harry joked that the show only had two happy songs throughout the set. One of which "4U (Rabbit Song)" David the songs creator does not feel is a very happy song, either way tough he admitted that the first song in the encore "the Heart of It" was a happy song. Though David also said that two happy songs are more happy songs than he would like in his set.

David might not be playing in amphitheatres this summer with Emmylou Harris like his brother Mark, he still seemed genuinely happy to be at Pepper Jack’s on Wednesday night. What really separates them is their ability to play guitar. That said if you love Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler's material for more than the guitar solos you should try and check out David Knopfler at the Windsor Bluesfest on Saturday July 15 or in Toronto at Hugh's Room on Sunday July 16.


David Knopfler

Pepper Jack Cafe

Wednesday July 12, 2006

1. Deptford Days

2. King of Ashes

3. God's Mockingbird

4. Mending My Nets

5. I Remember it All

6. 4U (Rabbit Song)

7. All I Want is You

8. America

9. Shine, Shine, Shine

10. Easy Street

11. Tougher Than the Rest

Encore: 12. The Heart of It

13. Games People Play

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