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Borat arrives at T.I.F.F...

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Borat at the GQ awards a few nights ago:

Borat was accepting a gong for the Editor's Special Award when he told the crowd how excited he was to be there, followed by a quick burst of admiration for Justin Timberlake: "Justin Timberlakes, I like you!"

He continued: "Though this is very happy times, this evenings, it is also times of great sadness.

"I speak with a heavy heart, because there is one very special courageous man from Australia who should be here tonight but because of tragedy he cannot."

Many obviously believed he was speaking about Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin who was died earlier in the week after being stung a stingray.

But, he continued: "I would like to dedicate this award to you Mel, Gibson. Melvin it is you, not me, who should receive this GQ award for Anti-Jew warrior of the year."

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Here he is arriving at the premier last night.


Not a spoiler but minor plot details

"There are also some sequences that will defy censors, including one extended bit in which Borat and Azamat (sounds like HAZMAT), his sidekick - a thick eyebrowed sort of Sancho Panza with breasts larger than Pamela Anderson's - wrestle nude in their hotel room. The wildly explicit, freaky mayhem spills out in the hotel elevator and then down onto the stage of a conference of insurance underwriters."
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thank you, AD, thank you!!!!!

I'm curious though....WHY (QoTD, if you like) do you folks love the Borat so much? In my case, it's because I have spent many-a-year as an ESL teacher and he gets the grammar-bastardization SOOOOOO perfectly. I also love how his cultural habits "weird-out" so many of the people he sets up....always gotta love 'messing with people'

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