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John Prine - London

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Went to John Prine in London on Sunday. AWESOME. He makes me wanna hump his leg. His bass player was awesome and the young lead guitarist was smooth as silk.

Dan Reeder as the opener = magic. Had the whole crowd singing along with him.

Here's what I got as a setlist. Didn't know the names of a couple of songs. Lost my pencil around song 17, so I think the order after that is right!?!?!

1) Blow Up Your TV

2) Broke the Speed of the Sound of loneliness (?)

3) Souvenirs

4) Broken Pop Bottle Looks just Like A Diamond Ring (?)

5) Grandpa Was A Carpenter

6) Whistle & Fish

7) Glory of True Love

8) Crazy As a Loon

9) Takin' A Walk

10) Angel from Montgomery

11) Gonna Be A Long Monday

12) Donald & Lydia

13) Dear Abby

14) That's the way that the World Goes Round

15) Sam Stone

16) Bear Creek Blues

17) Ain't Hurtin' Nobody

18) Some Humans Ain't Humans

19) She is My Everything

20) Hello In There

21) Lake Marie


22) Christmas In Prison

23) Please Don't Bury Me

24) Paradise*

*w/ Dan Reeder (whose mic wasn't on)

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i was at the london show too. loved it!

#2 up there is "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness"

and #4 is "Far From Me"...

he's a pretty funny guy too!

I loved "that's the way the world goes 'round".

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Yep, he puts on one fine show. His voice, even after all it's been through, is still a thing of beauty (despite what he has to say about it himself). I was glad to see the reception he got in Toronto, after the apparently "meh"ish response he was given in Ottawa; I expect London gave him good vibes, too. I got a real kick out of how wide his smile kept getting with all the ovation - you'd think his cheeks would have popped past a certain point.

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According to the interview with Dan in NOW this week, he's just a really quiet singer..so it's possible we just couldn't hear him...


"It's hard for me to find people to sing with, especially in Germany, because it's not a traditional thing that they do. They don't just freely harmonize with each other. The other thing is, I've got a very quiet voice, so if I sing with people with normal voices you can't hear me at all. I just recorded absolutely for the fun of it."

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yeah...Dan Reeder was an absolute treat...totally unexpectedly PURE GOLD!!! I found his banter hysterical...for someone unfamiliar to the stage, he had a very engaging presence!

similar set list, indeed, though I'm jealous of the Please Don't Bury Me tune....which coincidentally I was belting out at the top of my lungs on my drive home today. Twice.

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