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Dim Sum Yum Yum


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i haven't been out for dim-sum much in ottawa either.

i have been to yangtze (sp?) as mentioned above, it was decent but not Wow.

there is this place on bank st. at the corner of where carstairs lives (bank & foxtrot or something like that) which has Awesome chinese food and i bet their dim-sum would be incredible, i really want to go sometime.

let's do it!


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I'm pretty sure we'll be going for some dim sum this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday are good for me. Anyone want to join us? I think it's better with more people because you can try a larger variety of things.

We usually end up there around noon but we can work timing out based on who's coming.

Let's Skank up the place!

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I love Dim Sum. Katie and I are obsessive about it.

To make a long story short the best dim sum place depends on what you're looking for:

Price: Yangtze/Chu Sing

Atmosphere: Chu Sing

Quality: Beijing Tianrun (Bank and Walkley or thereabouts)

Service: Beijing Tianrun. Case in point I was waiting for what seemed like hours for Char Siu Bao (Steamed Pork Bun). The hostess came over to the table and asked if there was something we wanted and she'd go back to the kitchen and order it for us...no cartwaiting required.

Next time you go you should ask for Lo Bok (Stemed and fried turnip cake). It's a gelatinous square of rice powder, chinese bacon, dried scallop and so forth and it's really really good.

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