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Holy sh!t! These dudes are good!


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You really need to snag this show!!!

What a treat, top notch musicianship, plus a really great overall feel/vibe.

Definately one for the personal archives!

Chris Thile & Bryan Sutton


Elk's Park Workshop Stage

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

(76m) Free Show

01 Introduction

02 Angeline The Baker

03 New River Train

04 Rebecca

05 Brakeman's Blues

06 High Heeled Shoe

07 Downtown

08 CuCu's Nest/Big Scioti/Jerusalem's Ridge/Fisher's Hornpipe

09 There's No Hiding Place

10 Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

11 Wolf Creek Pass


12 More Pretty Girls Than One

13 Decision At Glady Fork

Chris Thile - Vocals, Mandolin

Bryan Sutton - Vocals, Guitar

Byron House - Bass (tracks 7-13)


Soundboard > HHb BurnIT (XLR analog out) > Digigram VX-Pocket > Sony Vaio > 24bit/48k WAV

-source files resampled, dithered, edited and converted to 16bit/44.1k FLAC

Been discovering Bryan Sutton recently...and Chris Thile is pretty mind blowing in his own right.



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