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Dave Bidini (Rheostatics) Black Sheep Inn

Northern Wish

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Hey everyone,

Here's a message from Dave regarding a solo show he's doing in Wakefield

this Sunday:

Dear beloved ones. You are receiving this message because

acclaimed citizen of the Earth, Dave Bidini, will be continuing on to

Ottawa from the Patch Cup to read and sing in a JUST ANNOUNCED RARE

solo engagement at


WAKEFIELD (just outside of Ottawa)


3 pm

for an afternoon

of sonic storytelling (whatever that means).

See you there or suffer his wrath (which is to say, my wrath)



and xoxo


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Cool - that would even be kid-friendly!

that's what I was just thinking. We have tentative plans to go to Toronto this weekend, but the wife has too much school work to do, and I'm not that inclined to go. Now I have another reason to stay in Ottawa. If I go I'd bring the kids and let Shirls stay at home to get some work done. You planning on coming with the kids Dave?

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Go see this!

His solo shows are a fun mix of acoustic tunes of the Rheos persuasion, covers, stories both ad libbed and read from his amazing books.

Not to mention that Dave has to be one of the most amazing guys in Can Rock. I had met the boys a bunch of times in the US in clubs, and hadn't been face to face in almost a decade when from across the not so crowded ST Fx Auditorium he picked me out and remembered my name from all of those years ago. Most thrilling moment of my music geekdom.........

See you all on Mar 30, 2007 in Toronto?


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