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306 King St W




It all began quite accidentally a few years back in the town of Oshawa, Ontario. Wayne Petti and Jeff Peers got together to make some noise on a four-track in Jeff’s suburban bedroom. Soon, Wayne and Jeff decided to put together an entire band. They recruited Paul Lowman (bass) and Brad Fudge (drums), and Cuff the Duke was born. The group managed to turn heads as a live act early on and found themselves in Toronto; at venues they’d only dreamed of playing.

Life Stories for Minimum Wage was released on Toronto-indie Three Gut Records on October 15, 2002 to rave reviews. Critics heralded the efforts of the four young lads as “intense†and “timeless.†Emphasis was placed on the mature aspect of the album. Quite a surprise considering all of the members were only 21!

Relentlessly refining their craft, Cuff the Duke were invited to “special guest†by the likes of Kathleen Edwards, the Constantines, Royal City, the Hidden Cameras, Broken Social Scene, the Weakerthans, the Skydiggers, Blue Rodeo, Gord Downie, Nick Cave, and Billy Corgan’s band Zwan.

Cuff The Duke experienced their first full-fledged tour when they joined the Sadies through Western Canada in the Spring of 2003. Directly after their return, Matt Faris, an unknown mystery man from Guelph, was recruited as Brad Fudge’s replacement on drums. In October of ’03 they toured Canada with Sloan and then began to concentrate on the writing and recording of their sophomore album.

A highlight of 2004 was joining Hayden as his opening act, AND back-up band (The Elk-Lake Serenaders) for several months of live engagements in the USA and Canada. 2004 and early 2005 however, over 100 live shows aside, was primarily dedicated to the new album…self-titled and scheduled for release on July 27th on Hayden’s Hardwood imprint, distributed and marketed in Canada by Universal.

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For those not in the know about TORNGAT.

" French horn, keyboards and drums can hold infinite possibilities, as this Montreal trio aptly demonstrates. Pietro Amato (Bell Orchestre, occasionally Arcade Fire), Mathieu Charbonneau and Julien Poissant also juggle duelling melodicas, percussion and an arsenal of effects to create captivating soundscapes and compositions that unexpectedly flowered into dance beats by the set's conclusion. Can Montreal fit another spellbinding instrumental band inside the city walls? Absolutely."

- Michael Barclay, Exclaim! 2004 Pop Montreal Festival review

Music here: http://www.myspace.com/torngat

Regulah website: http://www.torngat.ca


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It was awesome. Lots of people out last night. First of all, Charlemagne busted out a couple new tunes that were monstrous in a Constantines-but-more-melodic kind of way.

Torngat was cool and interesting, though I was in the mood for Cuff as I had a midterm to wake up for this morning. They were great though, and had a great crowd watching them. The horn player wandered through the crowd at one point during the set, it was cool.

Then, Cuff the Duke owned me. Songwriting - awesome. Instrumentation - awesome. They have this multi-instrumentalist guy with them now who was playing a keyboard, a Moog and vibes (!). The guitar player only sat down at the steel for two tunes, despite my constant hollering for him to "play more of that steel!", but when he played it, it was outstanding. Picked his brain afterwards and he tells me he runs both his guitar and the steel through the same amp, something I've been having a lot of trouble with myself. They just don't have the room to bring two amps along, he told me (though apparently they make room for the vibes...)

Anyway. A killer show. Great crowd. Didn't even mind that I rolled in at 2am. Just wrote my midterm in Popular Music Post-WWII. I can't imagine I got a single question wrong.

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No disrespect (disrespect) but how do you not know that the multi-instrumentalist vibes guy is Paul Aucoin (Hylozoists, produced Cuff self-titled) and that the lap guy is Dale Murray (The Guthries, occasionally Matt Mays and El Torpedo) i.e. Anne's nephew.

Screw Peers and his pouty awkward ways.

You are so fucking far off base it's laughable. Sure there a great band now and sure Paul really adds to the group as does Dale but there is no debating the fact that it's Wayne's pet ego trip. Peers was the heart and soul of that group. They cut him out like a cancer and it may have been necessary but they got a lot of benign tissue as well.

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