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Indeed I am. West Coast + night shift = awake at all hours of the feaking night. That album Faith COla is awesome. It's full of songs they've been playing for a while like va va va voom and Sunday Best, but there is also a really cool song with samples called tongue and a weird Charlie Parker cover where everyone is speaking french.

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I havnt baught any of there CDs man i Want too though im not around any stores right now.

When im back around ill be checkin in to SOme shows and for sure hook'in up on some Cds..man i dig this show i was there, and had a blast..and for some reason i never d.lsd the show... afterwwards and now im listening now afweter d/lman I love it.... Love the entire thing i think there Getin ever thing just exactly perfect

hehe ramblin mannn fhit ya there any how

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