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Teaching Position available in Toronto


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I teach at a private school here in Toronto and we are looking for someone who is a qualified Gas Technician to teach the program.

I don't know if we have any HVAC folk on the board, but maybe one of you know someone who is..

anyway, the course description is somewhat described in the following

Are you interested in a career as a Gas Technician? Looking to upgrade your skills?

Stanford International College offers a highly competitive and intensive program leading to licenses in Gas Technician 3, Gas Pipe Fitter, Domestic Appliance Technician and Gas Technician 2 (issued by TSSA)

This unique program combines academic study with supervised workshop hands-on experience.


Workshop: located at 12 Industrial Street, East York

Phone: Main Campus: 416 383-1608

Workshop: 416 423-8188

Come by and see if a career in HVAC is for you!

At Stanford Gas, it’s our goal to make sure Ontario has a highly skilled pool of HVAC technicians available for our growing industry. We work hard promoting training programs for bright and capable people like you. Your reward is a career that is interesting, well paid and offers room for advancement through training and education.

A hands-on industry needs a hands-on training philosophy. Each Gas Technician program focuses on practical learning and concentrates training in the shop area. Practical learning includes finishing assignments using actual equipment and training simulators.

email me if you are interested or know someone qualified.

Stanford International College

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