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The Hip @ CBC this Sunday

Kanada Kev

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FYI ... you could win to get in to see the Hip at CBC this weekend. Hopefully I'm going to get into their CD premier this Sunday at the CBC ... it's going to be on The Hour with Stromboulopoulous.

Here's a way you could win tix too:


I can't enter this one because only people OUTSIDE of CBC can win it.

The question was "What hockey player, other than Bill Barilko in 50 Mission Cap, is mentioned in a Hip song??"

do you want the answer?

i know you do?

i'll be super nice and give it to you if you don't already know it:

scroll down

just a little bit further


ok ... here it is:


"Fireworks" Phantom Power, 1998

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Hopefully I'm going to get into their CD premier this Sunday at the CBC ...

OK i know i'm cross-threading here but sometimes ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do ;)

It's worth slipping over to www.thehip.com to catch a preview of the new album. You might have to wait a bit to get on, but it's worth it. It's a fuckin' dandy!

"how did it get this late this early....."

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I'm pumped ... i WON a ticket to get in :)

There are a lot of people at the CBC who will have won tix (150) and I bet a bunch of them don't show up. I'd guess there will be extra room in the studio. Might be worth hanging out at the check-in desk on the odd chance they take more FANS!!!!

Go to the John Street entrance of the CBC at 3pm and see what they say.

If anyone is up for it, pm me as i'll be down here looking for a friend to burn with pre show .

later . . .

Kanada Kev =8)

October 12, 2006

You’ve won a ticket to see The Tragically Hip…

It’s true. If you’re reading this e-mail, it means you’re one of our lucky winners. Congratulations, you’re seeing The Hip!!! How exciting is that?

So this is what you need to know…

You’ve won one (1) ticket-and it’s non-transferable.

This Sunday, Oct. 15, you’ll pick up your ticket at the John Street entrance of this building. Check-in is between 3 p.m. and 3:15 p.m.

Please be advised that if you check in later than 3:30 pm, your ticket is no longer guaranteed, as the ticket desk closes at 3:30 p.m. When you arrive, you must sign in at the ticket desk with one piece of valid photo ID. From there, you will be escorted to the studio. For security purposes, please do not head to the studio by yourself.

The taping starts promptly at 4 p.m. and will last approximately two hours.

And remember-this is a national broadcast, so please, haul your Sunday best out of the closet…


English Communications

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