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Bush to Declare War On Middle Relief


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According to sources US President George W. Bush is going to declare war on the most mediocre players within the baseball world, the middle releivers. This comes after journeyman reliever Corey Lidle crashed his aircraft into a building in New York City yesterday.

Bush is reported to have said, "In the wake of October 11th, we are living in a different world. A world where we can no longer trust these long relievers. These people, all though they may not be all that talented, are situated in every major city in America." Dick Cheney has reportedly set his sights on redeveloping the bullpens of 60% of the major league teams.

The worst areas of the continent for Middle Relief are apparently Tampa Bay, Florida, Kansas City, Missurri, and Pittsburg, Pensylvania.

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Well, he probably should.

My co-worker brought up a good point today. In 2001 a plane crashed into a building on Sept 11 (two planes). In 2006 a plane crashes into a building on october 11.

The moral of the story seems to be that every 5 years and one month a plane will crash into a building in new york so if you're down there on Nov 11, 2011, make sure not to be in any highrises.

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