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Cincinnati Records & Promotions Presents

Sunday November 5

9PM, 19+ :: with guest ANDRE ETHIER

@ Casbah

306 King St W, Hamilton

Early-bird tickets at the Underground on Tues Oct 17th at the Drive By Truckers show ($20)

Regularly on sale 10-18-06 at Dr.Disc, Casbah Lounge and on-line at http://www.tixit.ca




"A friend of mine described my first two records as perfect for a rainy day. This record is more about me feeling on top of the world."

-Greg Keelor, September 2006

On Tuesday October 10, 2006, Warner Music Canada will release Aphrodite Rose, the third solo record from Greg Keelor, the co-frontman of Blue Rodeo. On Aphrodite Rose Greg explores the full range of his musical influences, capturing the raw energy of rock and roll.

Aphrodite Rose was produced by Greg at his home studio and features guest appearances from The Sadies and Sarah MacLachlan. When he began recording, however, he had intended to play everything himself.

"The first song I recorded was "No Man's Land" and it turned out so well I thought ‘this is going to be fun,' says Keelor. "It was about keeping things simple and capturing the song's energy. Making a record is so much fun but finishing the record would have been tough for me as I was doing everything myself."

Instead of struggling through it all himself, Greg enlisted The Sadies to help create the sounds that reminded him of so many of his favourite bands. Bands from the British Invasion and American bands that were similarly influenced by the creative burst coming like a shockwave from the U.K. In the end, tracks like the first single, "No Man's Land," echo the explosion of early Who albums while "Prisoner" could have been a rave-up taken from The Yardbirds catalogue. In addition, Sarah MacLachlan has lent her voice to a number of Greg Keelor songs over the years, including four on this record, and her turn on "Miss You" is simply ethereal.

Just as he was exploring his influences from various eras, Greg also went back to some of the songs he has composed during the different eras of his own life.

"I wrote some songs just for this record but some songs are bits and pieces of things that had been written over the years."

The song "Colour and Rhyme" was one of the first songs Greg wrote as a member of The HiFi's (his first band with longtime musical partner Jim Cuddy) while "If You Go" was an early Blue Rodeo song that never made it to record. "Glory Oh" started out as a poem to his girlfriend and music was added a year later. More recent compositions ("No Man's Land," "Prisoner" and "In The Reflections") were written while driving back and forth to his cabin near Minden, Ontario.

With the completion of Aphrodite Rose, Greg has created an album of psychedelic country and retro pop, a record that soars with jangly guitars and draws the listener in with intimate lyrics and nuanced performances. A record that can break your heart one moment and lift it the next, Aphrodite Rose is quintessential Greg Keelor.

Greg Keelor will support Aphrodite Rose with a tour in October and November with The Sadies and Andre Athier (The Deadly Snakes). Blue Rodeo will return to the studio in 2007 to work on their next album. Meanwhile, Blue Rodeo co-frontman, Jim Cuddy, has recently released his own solo album, The Light That Guides You Home.

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