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TV Antennas


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I want to know too, in that guilty, complicit way.

Silly thing is, we have a great outdoor pole left behind on our roof by the previous owner, sans antenna, that we could doubtless string even a bunch of coathangers over to good effect, but haven't gotten around to yet - probably having listened to that inner voice that knows that we'd lose gobs of time to the infernal box if we did bring in more than just those channels.

Still, we haven't seen a new Simpsons in the last year +, not being able to get Global where we are.

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I have a sattilite system you could have for free.

run away! run, run away...like your wickedly-weird avatar. I fear that'd result in just too, too much time-sucking & mind-numbing, I'm sure!

Silly thing is, we have a great outdoor pole...

to repeat my "variation on a theme"...I really prefer the indoor pole! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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