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DVD Winner - DVD Artwork included for all DVDs


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Alright, I've finally taken care of the other give-aways I had going on two other private sites.

After elminating my posts, I used this site to determine the winner. Set to Generate 1 pseudo-random integer between '0' & 81.

Had the number ended up being a disqualified participant or one of the three people who accepted my early DVD offer, I was going to go with the very next post in the thread.( Didn't happen)

And the winner is:

#50 - Baj

Other winners (4 random pre-selected numbers otpion) include:

#9 - dirtybird

#26 - Jakis

#56 - Stone Mtn

#103 - n/a


All DVDs are burned.

I was hoping to mail all DVDs today, but with mailing out a total of over 100 DVDs (give-aways & usual monthly mailings), I decided to mail the more expensive ones first, USA & UK, Germany, France & Austria.

I will be mailing all Canadian packages at the end of the week. If anyone is coming to Fat Cats this week please let me know so I can bring the DVDs to you.


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Thanks for taking part in my DVD give-away last week folks and congratulations to all the winners. I really hope ya'll enjoy.

Anyway, heres the artowrk for all the DVDs I gave away:

[color:red]Neil Young

At The Bridge Vol.1

At The Bridge Vol.2

At The Bridge Vol.3

[color:red]Van Morrison

Live AT The Winterland 74


Bluegrass Sessions '94

[color:red]Jimi Hendrix

Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii July 30, 1970

[color:red]Grateful Dead

Radio City Music Hall 1980-10-31

[color:red]Welcome To The Fillmore (Various Artists)

Welcome To The Fillmore

[color:red]Bob Dylan & The Band

Bob Dylan & The Band - Isle Of Wight 1970 & Johnny Cash Show 1969

[color:red]Tom Waits

Carre Amsterdam 2004-11-21

[color:red]Drive-By Truckers




[color:red]The Beatles

Chronology 1

Chronology 2

Get Back, Let It Be Outtakes & Winter of Discontent


I made these covers since I couldn't find any online, not the greatest artwork around, but it works for me.

[color:red]Fat Cats

Red, Gold & Blue - Live AT The El Mocambo 2004

[color:red]Memorial For Bill Graham

Nov. 3 1991 Golden Gate Park


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M.O.B.E. : I already owe ya due to a favour you recently did for me, so please send me info on how to get you a copy of the Van Morrison DVD, and I'll burn and send you a copy as soon as mine arrives from Alabama Man.

Northern Wish: I'll gladly send you a copy too. You're welcome to send me something in trade, if you want, but not required.

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Hey Greg,

Big thanks for doing this... Curious where you have compiled all these dvd's from? Torrents? Any links that are still active?


Some of the links I imagine are still active.

Although, some of the sites (like Pink Roberts) have the torrents up for a short period due to them having only one uploader for audio only & one uploading for video only, no public uploading, its one of the best sites on the web in my opinion.

The below is cut & paste (with some added) from another thread, but applies to your question:

Traders Den, Pink Robert, Dime, Yeeskull, long live rock.org, zomb, rocks off, bt.dylantree, demoniod, pirate bay, mininova are a few of the places.

Also, I started what I call a downloading team, there is three of us that download video non-stop & keep in contact daily to make sure we don't download the same stuff & then once a month or so we burn two copies of everything we got & exchange with each other. Sometimes I'm downloading a DVD I don't want but one of the other guys does but can't d/l due to the load he has going. At any given time I have between 4 & 10 DVDs downloading & uploading.

If there is a specifc show, I can check & post a link, it would take awhile to post links to everything, some of which I have no idea which site they came from.

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