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Absolutely SICK! Limbaugh, Hannity, and their ilk, are the dregs of humanity.



Sean Hannity defends Limbaugh's attack on Michael J. Fox

Sean Hannity -- who cries himself to sleep every night thinking about cruel doctors who murder precious stem cells -- is defending an attack by Rush Limbaugh against Michael J. Fox claiming that he was acting more disabled than he really is in a political ad.

"Michael J. Fox admits now that he stopped taking his medication prior to testifying before Congress," Hannity said. "You have a right to speak up, but he also has a right to be criticized."

Fox cut a highly emotional spot for several Democratic candidates, including Missouri's Senate candidate Claire McCaskill.

Limbaugh questioned whether Fox's very real physical tremors had been faked.

"In this commercial, he is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He is moving all around and shaking. And it's purely an act," Limbaugh said.


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i am really upset over this crap, the media and government get off with what they want to ,well i just finished e mailing every one of them, we are voters we have the right to let them ba=tard,s know how we feel , and i will e mail again.

poor soul and the lad was right some cannot afford the medication, here we have hootenannys for patient,s that need help, and there are lot,s as the government will not help cancer patients at all

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A quick summary of the idiocies that spout forth from Limbaugh's gullet can be read at:


And one to highlight is an ignorant statement about the great Jerry Garcia:

"When you strip it all away, Jerry Garcia destroyed his life on drugs. And yet he's being honored, like some godlike figure. Our priorities are out of whack, folks."


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I got a kick out of this.

From The Toronto Star:

Everyone knows Rush Limbaugh's just faking

Oct. 27, 2006. 01:00 AM


Now, I know this may offend those who suffer from this particular condition, and these individuals might not like it much when I suggest that a certain person with this diagnosis is exaggerating his symptoms, but I have to say, I think Rush Limbaugh is just pretending to be a dick.

While the right-wing radio host does exhibit most, if not all, of the common characteristics of this behaviour, it's so rare for all of them to coalesce at a single moment that one can only conclude Limbaugh's most recent performances are nothing short of fraudulent.

I'm no expert diagnostician, but nobody could be this big a one. Limbaugh must be acting.

Consider what Rush Limbaugh said this week about Michael J. Fox.

The Canadian-born actor did an ad for a U.S. politician who supports stem cell research, a controversial field that many believe could lead to a cure for Parkinson's disease. Fox suffers from Parkinson's, and anyone who has seen him in television interviews in the last few years is aware of his symptoms. Awkward, involuntary movements, occasional speech difficulty, tremors.

Those symptoms are much in evidence in the ad.

Said Limbaugh on his radio show: "He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He's moving all around and shaking and it's clearly an act." Limbaugh also suggested Fox probably went off his medication before filming the ad.

It's difficult to imagine that anyone could say anything so amazingly uninformed, so incredibly moronic, and actually believe it. That's why I'm so convinced Limbaugh was acting.

At this point, it's probably useful to review the most common symptoms exhibited by a person with EDS (extreme dick syndrome) for those not up to speed on them:

1. Exhibits a level of arrogance rooted in a feeling of superiority, without having any attributes to feel superior about.

2. Is capable of achieving levels of hypocrisy (railing against drug addicts when you are one, for example) previously thought unattainable.

3. Blow-hardedness.

4. Is indifferent to the woes and misfortunes of the disadvantaged.

5. Lies his ass off.

6. Goes to the "6 items or less" checkout with a dozen things.

7. Never lets ignorance of a subject keep him from shooting his mouth off about it.

8. Believes facts are overrated.

9. Chews with his mouth open.

10. Always finds some little thing the waitress did wrong to justify not leaving a tip.

Anyone who has four or more of these symptoms is very likely suffering from EDS. Sadly, at the moment there's no known cure for this condition. Researchers are still debating whether you're born with it, or it's a lifestyle choice. The real problem is, people with this condition don't make for a very sympathetic cause.

But in Limbaugh's case, it's probably a moot point, since he's just putting on a show.

My guess, in fact, is that Rush Limbaugh is a liberal plant. A Democratic plant. The Democrats, who appear to be on the verge of winning back both houses of Congress, don't want to leave anything to chance. What better way to turn things their way than for a prominent spokesperson for the right wing (nudge nudge, wink wink) to say something so astonishingly and despicably vile that it will make fair-minded Republicans vote Democrat, or at the very least, stay home.

I know these statements of mine are going to enrage genuine sufferers of EDS everywhere. "How dare he say that!" they'll say. "We know we're rude and insensitive and total jerks 24/7, and he's got a lot of nerve suggesting otherwise."

I will say this, however. If it can be determined by an independent panel of experts that Rush Limbaugh is, in fact, a dick, I will apologize, unreservedly.

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rush limbaugh is just a schill for the far right wing of the republican party. most of what he says is simply intended to push the envelope as far to the right as possible. of course he is absurd - thats the point. he's a clown. the only thing that doesnt make sense about him is the fact that the rest of us still pay any attention to him.

i doubt that most mainstream republicans would accept his bizzare views on this (or anything, for that matter) but with his extremist views on the table, it makes those slightly less distasteful views of simply banning stem cell research, or whatever, a little more acceptable because they arent as bad as his.

the tragic thing is that he's continually allowed to attack good people like Micahel J. Fox. God Bless America, indeed.

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of course he is absurd - thats the point. he's a clown.

At the risk of Godwinning this thread, that's exactly what helped swing the H-guy into power - people saw him as a laughable sort of clown that couldn't possibly do anything that terrible. And of course he was able to cluster all sorts of monsters around him with all sorts of vitriol and nightmarish intentions who just needed access to power to make those real (sort of like the way I see Darrel Reid now having gotten access to power through the bureaucracy of the MOE).

I had to deal for the four years I was writing my dissertation with a right-wing talk show, the host being a hardline Southern Baptist who, at least in contrast with Limbaugh, did what he could not to say tremendously stupid or hamfisted things, but was still, when you went beneath the surface, full of contempt for others outside of the evangelical fold, and in spite of all the contradictions in their own scripture, privileging wealth and the violence of the state (police, military, and, in their reading of it, family).

Even when the hosts aren't as bombastic, though, as Limbaugh (or, say, Michael Coren or Lowell Green), they still have crazy degrees of power, inasmuch as they sit as radio hosts, moderating what it's possible to say, which come with the conversational protocols in that sort of medium (caller has to set out position first, while host gets to rebut it, sum it up, cut caller off, move on, etc.). I'm just glad I never had to analyse Limbaugh in interaction by tenths of seconds; this other guy was bad enough.

i doubt that most mainstream republicans would accept his bizzare views on this (or anything, for that matter) but with his extremist views on the table, it makes those slightly less distasteful views of simply banning stem cell research, or whatever, a little more acceptable because they arent as bad as his.

That's it. This other show used to have people on it like Howard Phillips whose political background and character are scary at best; more effective still in making him look moderate, though, were many of the callers, drawn to the show because they would think it just right-wing enough for them (and only on one or two occasions would these ever be dressed down for saying something too outrageous).

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