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K-OS w/ Peter Elkas Band - Wed Nov 1st - Mod Club


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I still kind of can't believe that no details about his Evolve set came out anywhere in the press. Hell it got scant play around here. Someone from my magazine just interviewed him, I asked not to cover the story as I knew I'd have to question him on it. God forbid someone holds an artist accountable over taking a shit on stage and charging $35,000.

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I agree. I'm looking forward to/dreading having to see those guys (his band) tomorrow... as I'm pretty sure Gavin and I were the only people there that they knew, and that they know we KNOW what went on at that show. I might just tell them I was really drunk and don't remember their set to avaoid their embarassment. I really felt sorry for them that night.

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OK I wasn't going to pipe in, but in the interest of slandorous gossip :o here's a link to the saga that unfolded on the peilocals board after the show on PEI...a couple of members of that board went and stirred up a bunch of shit on K-OS's message board after K-OS himself blamed the crowd for walking off stage after 45 mins, including this assessment(posted on the K-OS board):

Hey guys, my name is miles, I am from PEI.

I have to say, this is aboslutely hilarious. You are all giving k-os a big pat on the bat for being to ######ed up to play and insulting his fans. it is all very touching, but at the same time mildly retarded. like a baby with downs syndrome.

Would you guys like to know what happened on PEI?

I'll tell you!!

it will be fun!

So, long in advance all of k-os's PEI fans get together their 15 bucks and buy their tickets so they can go see a show. everyone likes going to a show, lots of fun.

So, the big day comes and all those k-os fans go to their big show over at the wave.

the opening band goes on, they do their thing and take off.

15 minutes go by and k-os is not on stage.

half an hour goes by and k-os is not on stage....45 minutes...you get the idea.

k-os finally gets on stage over an hour late, completely ######ed up, plays 4 songs, throws some ###### at the crowd says 'i am not feeling it' and walks off stage.

now, from talking to people backstage i have learned several things.

1. k-os was drunk and high on blow.

2. his walking off sparked a screaming/shoving match with his band

So, frankly folks, i am extremely curious as to in what parellel universe any of these things make the situation his fan's fault.

news flash folks: your fans make you who you are. why the hell would you do that to them? maybe a sense of entitlement? maybe a extra plus size ego?

you know, k-os could always give them their ticket money back seeing as k-os gave them nothing but insults for liking his music.

but no, that will never be done. why? k-os needs to stay in coke!!

goddamn, that ###### is expensive!

basically, smarten the ###### up people. this dude does not give a ###### about you, he only gives a ###### about himself.

give your money to an artist that actually deserves your respect, not one that gets to ######ed up to play and then blames it on his fans.

that is what happened. ask anyone who was actually at the show.

and don't tell me about how he is under stress, insecure from being on stage. that is part of the deal. you become a performer, that is a reality of your job. suck it up, ######.

PEIlocals thread

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Well.... I'll be down there in a few hours. I really hope he gets his shit together. The tours I did with him for his Joyful Rebellion Cd were fucking great. He and his band were at the top of their game, and I gained a lot of respect for them all. After Evolve, I lost a lot for Kevin. I've got my fingers crossed - hoping for the best - as everyone should.

Yeah, Russ the guitarist was VERY upset after the Evolve show. I imagine it's actually a hard gig to quit though, cash wise. Ray the drummer was like, "Oh well... that was interesteing" laughing the whole time. But Ray laughs at everything.

Hey... Elkas is on 9:45 tonight!

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What a fucking nightmare. I just go back to the fact that it's amazing more stories like this in general aren't told. I'd love to read some detail like that in a Globe and Mail article.

I don't know if the price I mentioned was right but I know Evolve paid big bucks for what they thought was the only show of the summer. The band also booked a second show that summer making it the most expensive 'only show of the summer that's not really the only show of the summer only the only show of the summer wasn't even a show it was only...'

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Maybe this is beating a dead horse, but I just found what K-os posted on the Evolve message about his show:

First post:

the fact is

sometimes ego

it makes artists deny alot of things

the hardest position to be in

is to choose to do something for yourseLf

that also gives weight to the opinions of others

alot has happened since i started doing this..

i always maintain that the best bands are having fun on stage

and the audience is witnessing that

its like a reflection

in reality we were rocking for ourselves

we were jumping back into the ring

with the loss of a truly GREAT player

and i am happy that as a band we soldiered that!

i could say alot of things

my souL thinks ahead

maybe i wanted to spark a debate

cause i have an album coming out

maybe i like most- thrive off of being an underdog

maybe i wanted to step on stage and NOT CARE

for this is why i chose music in the first place

i have ROCKED shows and come away feeling empty

i didnt feel like this after EVOLVE because i knew

what i was about to do how i was appraoching things

the true friends..

they will let that show be what it was

critics will be critics

but i wonder what they would do?

if i cancelled the show it would be cowardly

and to tell you the truth we nearly didnt show up..

as far as a free show to pay back the audience


i owe people nothing

only GOD

and truth in the moment!!

the greatest works of art

is when we are witnessing people

runnin to

or running away from GOD

everything else is mediocre

and we are not mediocre good

so did you really think we would be

mediocre bad?

it was nasty!! haha

i might have been drunk

but im stiLL ....


see you all soon

Second post:

to all the people who came on this site and spoke their minds..

i respect that thank you.

first of all i will say i DO NOT do LSD ex. or coke .. i dont even smoke weed anymore- i do tho drink alchohoL! and YES i was drunk

over the summer my base player qwit the band.

this caused a huge issue between us and we thought of all going our seperate ways

but we did not

EVOLVE was our first show in that configuration

it was an experiment.

we all new going into the show that we would try to make it up as we went

to those who came with expectations..

all i can say is expectation is the mother of disappointment!

and for those who took the trip with us- i thank you.

i am sad that people took this opportunity to berate my friends in the band!

they went with my experiment even though they are used to having

their shit togeth. This is sad because no matter i was in Halifax or whatev.

i thought EVOLVE was a place i could try something different .. we are evolving as a band. This hurts my feeLings.. i have done bad shows.. but i have never seen such ignorant comments...

i guess my experiment worked..

people are the same

commerciaL.. hippie.. black .. or white.

they want to be entertained!

peace and love


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hey luke, i dont understand, man.... you're saying how you'd love to read about an artist in this manner, crazy stories and details and whatnot, and that someone needs to hold an artist accountable for actions such as those at evolve... and you mentioned in your first post that you asked not to cover a story on him because you knew you'd have to ask him the tough questions... and its no secret around here of your ambitions to be some sort of hard hitting from the fringes kinda rogue journalist.... i mean, isnt covering a story like that with the opportunity to ask those questions exactly what you want?

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I like K-os. His albums are stellar. The new one is great. The last track with the Goods and Buck 65... icing for the ears!

Peter Elkas is one great dude. Strange show, but crossovers are all the rage right now in Hogtown. The mosaic seems to be 'bleeding' together. FINALLY! :)

I like k'naan too. Toronto's (we've) got some great 'k's' kickin' around. elKas!

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I just got back from the show. Kevin and band put on quite the gig.... everyone sounded awesome... they played a lot of new material... the new bassist Maury was great.... no fuck ups or crowd dissing to be seen.

I was even out with Kevin afterwards and he was buying us pints and shots. I'm glad to say that I do believe he's still on the right track. Some people have a problem with alcohol... that's just the way it goes with some folks... perhaps what's been reported of Kevin's fuck ups has been a result of that. He was quite sober for show time (enough to rip it up anyway). I haven't seen too many posts about how killer his live shows have been - there should be more! He puts on a very entertaining show.

Anyways, thankfully no one has bitched too much about the insanely drunk/high/catatonic shows BNB has played over the years (there's been many). We all have our days.

The Elkas set was fantastic too. Great crowd support and tons of fun! I thank Kevin for letting us play.

My thoughts for the end of the night.

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Good to hear. As to Guigsy it's sort of a question of venue, like in terms of an article promoting a Kitchener show how much if at all could I devote to a flame out like Evolve, PEI or a handful of other indiscretions. It would have to be a passing mention. Also you have to bear in mind when you do something like that (I guess I mean tell the truth as a journalist- quel nouveau) you have to expect fallout. I could see getting burned on never covering k-os again (whoopdeedoo). I would just want to take that stand when the venue in terms of publication gave me some room to stretch out (same with this Raised By Swans douchebag).

Also from the research I've done sound guys who work with him and engineers in the studio seem to really respect and like the guy. He's always got a bottle of wine literally in hand apparently but they sincerely respect him and he them. That sort of mitigated my view of him. I didn't realize he responded on the Evolve board, it's sort of half assed but reasonable.

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I just got back from the show. Kevin and band put on quite the gig.... everyone sounded awesome... no fuck ups or crowd dissing to be seen.

That's good to hear indeed. The guy's simply too talented to end up burying himself in bullshit.....his run ins with fans, reviewers and peers would seem to indicate the need to grow a tougher skin. I hope he doesn't think the booze is helping him do that.

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