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OX in Hamilton


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@ Casbah

306 King St W, Hamilton





with guests THE PARKAS, BRIAN DUNN of The November All-Stars

Band Members: Mark Browning, Ryan Bishops, Shawn Dicey, Max Myth. Rose Murphy, Mark Koetsier, Josh Turnbull, Nathan Lawr, Chon, Jesse Zubot, Ruby Loves U, Cosmic Dave


A Review:

The white flight of urban indie kids and old punk rockers to countrified American roots à la early R.E.M., Uncle Tupelo and Wilco continues with Vancouver's Ox, a musicians' collective of some of that city's better lesser-known players headed by "folk anti-hero" Mark Browning. While I've never fully understood the appeal of even the more "authentic" variants on the indie alt-country thing, it nonetheless seems to offer a comfortable setting, a big, boozy, cracked and careworn La-Z-Boy of a place to play, for those who've wearied of volume and speed. Which is to say this is a whisky-dripper of an album that pretty much gets everything right, from the endemic sad-sack sentimentality of the professionally lovelorn to the obligatory morning loser blues of the perpetually hung over. (Jamie O'Meara)

Sounds Like: Neil Young, Bonny Prince Billy, Bob Dylan, Royal City, Songs:Ohia, The Band, Lou Reed, Sixth Great Lake, Radiogram, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Kingsway

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I have the Ox American Lo-Fi CD and quite like it. I was under the understanding this was the Ox formerly of Sudbury non? The November All Stars are a Sudbury band so that would make sense in the billing. Great disc.

How did I get so fucking spun around this weekend I missed both Ox and 2 Hours Traffic and I've been researching them for weeks.

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