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Kanada Kev

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A single mother of two children brought her kids to church on a Sunday morning. The two little boys really didn’t feel like sitting through the service so they complained to their mom and asked her if they could play in the graveyard beside the church instead. They told her that they wanted to look for their ancestors. Their mom thought that was kind of cute and agreed to let the boys play in the cemetary... it really wasn’t a big deal because she could see them out the church window.

So the boys take off, the mom goes inside the church and the service starts. The mom, being a good mother, is consciously keeping one eye on her children at all times. She sees them running around, playing, etc. She bows her head down to pray, and when she looks up she notices that there is now a third child running around the cemetary with her kids. She thought it was nice that her sons were making friends with another little boy.

The service ends and the mom leaves the church and calls for her two boys to come meet her. They race over, but their friend is no longer in sight. The mom asks her sons where their little friend is and the boys tell her that they don’t know what she is talking about. She scolds them and says that she knows they were playing with a little boy, she saw them out of the church window. The boys continue to tell her that there wasn’t another little boy with them, it was just them. The mother grabs her two boys and drags them back to the cemetary, imagining something horrible that her sons did to this little boy, but she searches everywhere and there is no sign of him anywhere. Her sons now start crying, insisting to their mother that it was just the two of them, no one else was near them. The mother at this point starts to believe her boys, obviously they weren’t lying to her. But in her head she swears that she did see another child in the cemetary.

Next Sunday at church she relays the story to one of the clergy men. As it turns out the little boy she saw that day was the ghost of a little boy who died a tragic death, and according to this man he often comes out to play on gray and dreary days, just like today.





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When I was a baby, my family lived in Haliburton in the old Anglican church rectory. My room was over the garage in a seperate wing of the house.

One day my mother heard me crying from down the hall and came to check on me. When she got to my room she saw I was fast asleep and heard the crying still coming from the guest room next to mine. As she went to go open the other door the crying stopped. She went in and looked around but the room was empty.

Needless to say this scared the hell out of her and as she was still very new to the house and the town she related her story to one of the older parishioners at the church.

As it turns out 70 some odd years before the minister had a baby boy who had died in that very guest room. They then did a blessing/exorcism in that room and in other parts of the house to ward off the spirits.

True story.

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