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Next Thursday, November 9th, some lovely and talented ladies be coming your way.




A rare bird from Canada’s musical woods.

The tone of Lily Frost’s fourth solo offering is emotional and enchanting.

“CINE-MAGIQUE†takes a minimalist direction, with flourishes of musical magic realism and cinematic dimensions.

The record was produced by her Chilean husband, Jose Miguel Contreras, in Toronto while Lily was pregnant with their first son, Meesha Moon.  Revealed in its 13 songs is Lily’s musical essence - Spanish, French, spaghetti western guitars, love affairs, shadows and light.,

JULIE FADER(Toronto/Hamilton)






$8, 8pm.

@ The Pepper Jack Cafe   www.pepperjackcafe.com

Lily Frost



By Neil McDonald

September 06, 2006

Cine-Magique is an appropriate title for the fourth solo album from Canadian chanteuse Lily Frost, given the qualities both cinematic et Francais of the dreamy pop music contained therein. Certainly, if you’re jonesin’ for a Feist fix, you’ve come to the right place; this, too, is where languid Franco-torch chansons (“You’ve Shaken Every Part of Me,†the classy “Je Reviendrai Toujours Vers Toiâ€) and jaunty acoustic pop numbers (“Enchantment,†“I Called Youâ€) sit happily side-by-side though, sadly, no Bee Gees covers here. Meanwhile, ballads worthy of a ’40s film noir (or a David Lynch movie) echo throughout Cine-Magique, with Frost’s voice deceptively or achingly sweet depending on the scene, as on the political “Raise the Veil†or the pretty shuffle of “Warm Dawn.†Not to be typecast, Frost ends the album with “Priscilla,†a catchy homage to the girl group/Phil Spector sound. Top-notch, as the French say.

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Dude get a picture of Coco Love- she is so fucking hot.

I've been listening to a lot of Coco Love Alcorn's album lately (Zubot and Dawson are on it). I'm a bigger fan of Cine-Magique though. This is a really really great bill. In all likelihood if there isn't a date conflict Graham Walsh from Holy Fuck will be playing guitar with his girlfriend Julie Fader (who sings back up for Sarah Harmer and was in AD Flux). This is a serious date night show (you will get laid afterwards). Pretty quiet sit down, candles and listen though as a heads up.

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Fuck I thought this show already happened. GO TO THIS SHOW. Just be prepared for a quiet beautiful night of music (played by very beautiful women- some of the three finest in Canadian music today). If you're lucky Graham Walsh from Holy Fuck will be playing guitar with Julie his girlfriend.

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