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Best Greasy Breakfast?


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My choice, and not because I am biased....(my brother cooks it up)

BRAMASOLE DINER on Bank at Gladstone.

If you are hungry, go with the Bram Slam.

2 Eggs, all meat, homefries, pancake, and french toast!! and a large OJ! add in some toast and a coffee...All for 10 bucks!

Best Homefries in town!!!


Broadways "Take One"

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does this have to be about specific restaurants in ottawa or are we just talkin' the actual foods? because if just foods are included, i must nominate the almighty monte cristo!

(if anyone doesn't know what that is, it's basically a ham & cheese melt -- usually swiss cheese -- made with french toast instead of regular bread). yum yum yum!

as for beloved grease pits, come on by to jimmy's lunch in the k-dub. :)

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MMmmm I love Monte Cristos.

My favorite breakfast spot is StoneFace Dollies. But we've been going to Mello's on Dalhousie lately as well. Night and day really, Mellos is a greasy spoon diner. So good.

Breakfast also means dim sum to us now. Chu Shing or Mellos are where we gravitate to.

Come to think of it, we never really used to go out for breakfast. We made yummy BLTs and fruit bowls every Saturday and Sunday. Now we've eatten out every weekend for months. What's the matter with us?

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I'm not picky. I think most places make a great greasy breakfast. It's gotta be the hardest meal for any restaurant to fuck up.

I find a lot of places don't get the home fries right, as I want them to be crispy, and too often, they're mushy and just heated through.



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elgin street diner has nasty ass homefries. they're all poofy and weird.

zak's isn't too good either.

i have been to jimmy's PP! with a dubious crew, esau and zephyr and andy i think... our waitress was about 100 years old and she put esau in his place, it was classic!

i agree with ms hux about stoneface - it's been way too long since i had one of those brie omelettes. mm!

i don't know that i've been to any good greasy spoons in ottawa! bramasole is close though, maybe i'll try it out one of these days...

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I tried to make my own hollandaise sauce...big mistake! But really I think that adding salt during the process was the big mistake. I'll try it again, without the salt...until the end.

I absolutely looovvve breakfast...for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That Greek restaurant on Prince of Whales at Baseline is good, but I really prefer making my own. Eggs Benny with bacon-bacon (ie: not back bacon...although that's still nice), Lynnie's homefries, and a fruit salad.

Ok, so favorite greasy breakfast....McD's saucy muffin

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The two times I've been to Bramasole I've found it disgusting. The last time I was there was perhaps a year ago on a weekday, had a really weak omelette I think...

The Manx has excellent breakfasts in Ottawa, as does Von's and (surprisingly) The Lieutenant's Pump. Lots of benedicts there.

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