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MFT Defrag question*solved*


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Anyone expirenced with this? I have a few questions/issues regarding mine & the % of usage.

I use Disk Keeper 10 Pro Premier for defragging and have gotten this this warning after a normal defrag:


The overall health of volume C: is degraded

The overall health is at "Warning" level for the following


1. The MFT usage was currently 85 percent of the total MFT

size, which indicates it is likely the MFT will become


I've read the help files & also ran a 'Boot-Time Defragmentation' of the MFT, then a normal defrag again, only to have the % of MFT usuage increase to 86%

[edit to add]

I guess what I'm wondering here is:

1.Is this a serious problem or a problem at all?

2.Shouldn't it decrease after a defrag?

3.What can I safely do to remedy this?

If more information is needed to assist please let me know & I will provide.

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Well, apparently, I have nothing to worry about with the warning above. According to the folks at Gibson Research Corporation.

maybe we should get drunk tonight.

Perhaps man, waiting to hear about some work so I can afford the couple shows I have coming up. So I may be getting up early tomorrow, I'll know more later.

[edit to add]

Just found out its friday...damn.

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