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3 Great Ottawa Shows Saturday


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There are at least 3 great CD release shows happening Saturday night on Bank Street.

1. The Soiree and Alanna Stuart - Irene's - The Soiree is releasing their first full-length CD 'Birds'. These guys are getting better all the time. Look for recent stories in the Citizen, Sun, Xpress and on CBC Radio. Alanna Stuart is opening, there are rumours of a Pete Elkas sit-in but I don't really care about that.

2. Million Dollar Marxists, Embassies Of Denmark, Les Allumettes - Barrymore's - Local boys done good, their last CD got them all the way to Rolling Stone magazine and SXSW. Now they are concentrating on local affairs after spending the last couple years in the States touring. CD Release party.

3. C'MON, Weapons of Mass Seduction, The Nymphets - Babylon. If you've never seen C'MON, you've never heard rock and roll the way it was meant to be heard. They are (surprisingly) opening for local boys Weapons of Mass Seduction who are also releasing a new CD this night.

I'll be at Irene's supporting my boys the Soiree, but might try to see C'mon at Babylon beforehand...


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