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Toronto Peeps...

Help Preserve Cherry Beach Park!

The Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation (TWRC) and Toronto Economic Development Corporation (TEDCO) have created some amazing plans for the waterfront and deserve credit for putting together what promises to be a great community in which to live and work. They have also however underestimated the need for treed greenspace parkland. This space exists along the waterfront South of Unwin Avenue. For some reason in spite of the plans presented outlining different locations the TWRC/TEDCO has decided to place concrete and Astroturf soccer fields and an additional parking lot right by Cherry Beach and in the process cutting down over 250 mature trees!

The save cherry beach petition is now online. Please take a moment of your time to click this link and add your name to the list of supporters. Thank you.



...we ask that you please pass this on to friends and friends of friends of our community.

For more information please go to...



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For some reason in spite of the plans presented outlining different locations the TWRC/TEDCO has decided to place concrete and Astroturf soccer fields...

there's a new astroturf that's being put down in parks by the zillions of acres. it's plastic with rubber granules that *gasp!* have been found to leach contaminants.

"However, the new artificial grass raises health concerns. In

particular, the base of A-Turf and similar brands includes recycled

rubber pellets that could contain harmful chemicals. What's more, we

have observed that on many New York City fields, the rubber pellets

are also present on the surface. When one of us (William Crain) was

picking up some pellets by hand, a boy told him that after playing in

the park, he finds the pellets in his shoes at home at night. Because

the rubber pellets are much more accessible to children and athletes

than we had supposed, we decided to analyze a sample for two possible

sets of toxicants -- polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and toxic



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I don't like the sounds of this. TWRC and TEDCO's track record over the past decade is pathetic. I'm all for revitalizing Cherry Beach, but not at the expense of trees and green space. But worse than all of this, is the giant power generator being built beside the vacant one at the Portlands. Cherry Beach, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Liberal Government is often disgracefully misguided, and the generator is one of the worst things to blight Toronto's downtown in recent memory.

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