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Ned Wreck and the Crops


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Hey y'all. I'd like to invite anyone who may be interested to check out this new venture. This band is a spin off from the Harvard Mouse collective and will debut in Cambridge at the Nutty Parrot on November 17. No Cover.

The venue is just a few doors down from the Fiddler's Green and will feature myself on guitar and vocal with Dave V. on bass and Tim F. on the kit. Not sure what Ned's gonna do just yet.

Please spread the word and do attend if you can. Bring a kind friend or two ... bump once and bump often!

30 Water St. South Cambridge

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just now 80 percent recovered form a mousepad party on Sat... and I left at midnight! Hope everyone else is relatively clear headed now as well. :) Thanks to Ricky for sitting in with Tim on the kit. Dual drummers always has a way of funkifying the most subtle tunes. And thanks to our relentless hostess as well for ensuring everyone was well fed in body and spirit.

We're looking forward to a fine show at the Nutty on Friday. If you can't make it out to this one we will return on the following Fri. (Nov 24) with the possibility of Ricky occupying the 'best seat in the house'

Hope to see you there...

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Thanks goin out to those who made the show at the Nutty Parrot. This being a 'very' new venture for the trio, I must say, we as a band felt right at home. The ambient is very nice and we had a chance to entertain a few local downtown Cambridge resisents with some country/punk/psyche fusion ... better known amongst the mice a 'CUNK'

'sfunny, when you relay that term to some individuals as a genre you get the eyebrow lift, too good ;)

I'm doing what I can to get the owners to pump up the venue and attract other acts. This place could work for many of the jambanders. A bit of a hole in the wall and not well advertised anywhere but that seems to be what mice are used to.

From the street you can barely tell there's an occupant but inside the room opens up to fresh paint and decor,high ceilings,room to dance and of course a long bar for the libatin. The patio consists of three (maybe four?) concrete steps outside the front door where patrons can and do literally spill onto the sidewalk. We had the great (mis)fortune at 'smoke break' of a sidelong glance at one fella horizontally ejecting himself from the venue. He cleared the three or four steps and rung his bell with an audible 'bong' off the lampost directly outside.

I'm calling out to all that can make the next date this Friday night at 10.

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