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Grassy Narrows - hosed again.


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Sarahbelle posted this in the politics forum, after reading it i wanted to expose it to a bigger audience.

google "grassy narrows" and see for yourself.

Hey everyone.

I had the privelege of hearing 4 couragous women from Grassy Narrows speak last night. Grassy Narrows is a Native community fighting for thier land located in northern Ontario near a town called Kenora. Many years ago, they were told to leave their land because it was unsafe due to the mercury in the water from a nearby pulp and paper mill. Keep in mind that these people live off the land, They hunt and fish and harvest wild rice from the forests on THIER land.

Over the last few years, They have been trying to protect the trees on their land, as 2 corporations are clearcutting like crazy on the land. On December 2nd, 2002, the Youth set up a blockade to prevent logging trucks from passing. SOme of the industries, Abitibi and Weyerhauser, refuse to stop logging. In additon, the government of Ontario also refuses to help them. The entire community is struggling. One blockade was the women and children from the community.

"The clear cutting of the land, and the destruction of the forset is an attack on our people. the land is the basis of who we are. Our culture is a land-based culture and the destruction of the land is the destruction of our culture. And we know that is in the plans. Weyerhauser doesn't want us on the land, they want us out of the way so that they can take the resources. We can't allow them to carry on with this cultural genocide"

-Roberta Keesick, Grassy Narrows blockader, mother, grandmother, and trapper.

I can't even believe that this is happening. Why don't we all know about this! Please remember them and support them all you can because they need our help!!!!!!!!!



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