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Jeff Martin(Of the Tea Party) @ Barrymores Tues Nov 21st, 2006


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Tuesday November 21st, 2006

Jeff Martin (of the Tea Party) Performiong acoustically with Ritesh Das (of The Toronto Tabla Ensemble)


Casey Marshall (of FairField)


Amanda Rheaume

Live @ Barrymores Music Hall

Doors at 8pm

19+ show

$15.00 in advance

$20.00 @ door

Tickets Available on Ticketweb.com and at Barrymores Box Office (Aloha Room)

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My one and only Jeff Martin encounter...

Some random weekday night at Grossman's, several years back..he sashayed in with his "entourage", got up onstage (to the surprise of the band that was playing), grabbed the mic and started babbling incoherently.

He seemed quite vexed when the meagre audience didn't burst into applause at his presence.

The 8 people who were there were perplexed by this turn of events.

The 6 people who remained in the bar could tell you better than I could what happened after that.

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I'm all over this show. My dreams have finally come true. Jeff Martin is finally let loose from the constrictions of The Tea Party, playing acoustically accompanied by instruments that remain true to his soul, Indian tablas. Move over Rahat Fateh Ali Khan or bow down to your new master.

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Jeff Martin is God
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Let me guess, Jeff Martin will appear to be not happy to see anyone out at the show. He will be on stage and look around the place as though he would rather be anywhere else on the planet. He won't smile because he has long ago decided that he looks the coolest that way. He won't show any enthusiasm over the entire evening. He will play some wacky wind up wooden box type instruments and carry on as though he was the one who actually invented the apparatus.

The tabla players will wish they toured without him.

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I remember when they did interviews for the first album and he kept claiming that he couldn't understand why people compared him to Jim Morrison.

Well pal, you have your hair like Jim Morrison, you are going out of your way to sing like him, and you write your lyrics like you just ate some acid and are starting to peak out huge.

What a tool.

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Guest Low Roller

I could give a fuck if the guy is a prick or not, Tea Party made some great music. I still listen to their stuff from time to time.

Their last album Seven Circles was mostly produced by Bob Rock of Metallica fame, and made for a nice hard rock moment; nowhere near as pretentious as The Interzone Mantras which was a pile of rubbish.

Didn't Tungsten G help produce one of their albums at the studio in Morin-Heights?

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Jeff Martin, born Andrew Kirby, Age 14: How can I make myself MORE like Jim Morrison?

Lessee lessee..first off, gotta change my name...James Morrison? Jeff Morrison? Jeff Mortinson? Jeff Martin. Yeah, that's the ticket. No one will ever make the connection.

Cultivated fluffy brunette mane of my rock-god lizard king hero? Check!

Concave, train-wreck of a chest on display? Check!

Next stops on this track...death in Paris, Kilmer homage...

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The first two real albums were awesome, and their live shows kicked ass at that time, but as soon as they started going in the acoustic and electronic directions (at different times) everything got weak.

I now despise Jeff Martin. I wonder what the other two are up to. Dude was a monster drummer.


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He's a fucking prick but it's a shame because when the first album came out I dug them.

Jeff Martin doing rails in the bathroom at Gypsy Co-Op in 2001...confirmed...but not surprising.

The two other Tea Party losers doing rails during brunch in the bathroom at Squirly's pub on Queen Street Toronto in 2003. Confirmed.

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