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Democrats take the House


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This is a great relief to me because I've been following the midterm elections like the Final Four. I haven't really looked at the state by state's yet but Dems took something like 6 more governorships, will now be in control of the House, Nancy Pelosi will be the speaker and shift the agenda considerably. Democrats were already preparing for the victory and had been briefed about being bipartisan and good sportsmanlike. Pelosi had her seat locked down so she's been in this mode for a while.

The Rumsfeld resignation, as was pointed out in another thread, is totally the result of the midterm election results which were perhaps unsurprising but not guaranteed. The Republican's '72 hour operation' (get-out-the-vote-machine) is impressive and they think it's the best thing since electricity. What Democrats had on the GOP in enthusiasm they almost made up for in sheer politicking. Hell the candidate in Florida wouldn't even show up with Bush at a rally in Pensacola so dire was the national strait that the local guys didn't even want to be seen with the big man.

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I'm pretty sure I haven't been over to CNN but the Senate was still a toss up this afternoon. It was GOP 49, DEM 50, independent 1 (meaning DEM). There was still an undecided. Either way (taking both house and senate, or just house) it's a pretty major sea change.

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Yep they gained six governorships making it 28 DEM, 20 GOP. Plus Mass. governor is black (Deval Patrick). Plus Pelosi will be the first female speaker. Plus they won Montana which was hotly contested. Plus Eliot Spitzer (DEM) got in over Pataki in New York. Rhode Island and Minnesota's governorship's are undecided.

As far as I can tell there's one undecided in the Senate and it looks like it's Washington Senate, but Maria Cantwell looks like she'll take that. What was showing as one IND win earlier has been rolled back so there may be two undecideds but everything other than Washington looks to be 99% or %100 in.

Washington Senate

Updated: 6:02 p.m. ET



656,552 58% 54% of precincts reporting votes by county voter survey results


449,553 39%


15,692 1%


10,414 1%

Full WA Adair

9,193 1%

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