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The Spades @ Pour House Nov.11

Dr. J

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James and the lads will be at the Pour House (62 William in the Byward Market) this Saturday evening Nov.11. Past practice at this venue would indicate that there wiil be 3 sets and no cover charge, so that's pretty sweet with things usually beginning 10 - 10:30 pm.

This may be the band's last trip to Ottawa for awhile. There's nothing scheduled for Dec and they're talking about taking a break for the first few months of '07, so hope some folks can make it out.

As always thanks so much to everyone who supports the band and live music in general. It's much appreciated :thumbup: In the meantime.....

Hydroplaning (unreleased demo)

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hey Brad lookin' forward to seein' whatever part of you makes it back....I think ;) haha

I'm back, in moderately good health (which'll only get better after/during my after-dinner nap :) ). The batteries are charged, all the gear is still in the backpack, I'm ready. (Hey, I have a rep to maintain. At BNB last night, I was introduced to someone with "This is Brad, the legend of taping in Ottawa." "Wow," I replied. "That's the first time the word 'legend' has been used to describe me, and it's about goddamned time." ;) )

Usual logistics: I'm aiming to get there about 9pm.



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