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Landlords rights


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About privacy

A landlord can enter a unit without written notice if:

* there is an emergency, like a fire,

* the tenant allows the landlord in,

* a care home tenant agreed in writing to let the landlord do " bed checks."

A landlord can enter a rental unit without written notice, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. if:

* the rental agreement requires the landlord to clean the unit – unless the agreement allows different hours for cleaning,

* a notice of termination has been given by either the landlord or tenant, or there is an agreement to terminate the tenancy, and the landlord wants to show the unit to a potential new tenant (although notice is not required, the landlord must try to tell the tenant before entering for this reason).

A landlord can enter between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and only if 24 hours written notice is given to the tenant:

* to make repairs or do work in the unit,

* to allow a potential purchaser, insurer or lender to view the unit,

* to allow an inspection by an engineer or architect or similar professional for a proposed conversion under the Condominium Act,

* for any reasonable purpose allowed by the rental agreement.

Terminating a tenancy

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I had a fucking asshole landlord that perpetrated the following:

1. Insisted upon post-dated cheques (even though, I later found out, it's illegal to do that).

2. When he lost a cheque, requested another one. When I provided one, he proceded, 3 months later, to cash the initial cheque that I had written (my bad for not cancelling it).

3. When I pointed out the issue, he wrote me a cheque to cover the additional money he had extracted from my bank account--when the cheque bounced, he generously offered me a free month's rent.

4. When I told him we were moving out and were only giving him 6 weeks' notice--he put up a huge stink--despite the cheque debacle of the previous month.

5. Shortly after indicating we were moving out, my boyfriend came home, unexpectedly, and found a locksmith, with the door off the hinges, changing the locks. oooh...it was a mistake!

6. When I stayed in the house 2 days over the end of the month, the landlord wanted me to pay rent for those days--when I mentioned the interest he owed me for "last months rent", he claimed that wasn't right..yet he didn't fight me for it...

Haider Khan, Toronto. Never rent from him.

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NO not legal.But in the world of practical considerations if this is the white trash place you HATED anyway,you owe the dude money why antagonize the landlord further.Just move.And thats not a roll over and take it answer that's a why the hell would you waste time in front of the Tribunal to get nominal compensation, which would be set off by what you owe the man anyway,to eventually want to move out cause your landlord hates you.

Turn up the Truckers,lock the deadbolt and look through the rental ads.

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