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I just saw a bit on TV about a new thing (in the GTA only at the moment): Supperworks. At Supperworks, you come in and prepare meals (you can make six entrees [one entree = four servings] in about an hour), using their (professional) facilities and equipment, with all/most of the food prep (washing and chopping) done by them. They also do all the clean-up.

It works out to about $4/serving, and you freeze what you end up making and taking home; they even provide little stickers with cooking instructions: thaw the stuff out, cook it for 20 or 30 minutes, and you have a hand-made meal for your family. And, since you're the one making it, you can leave out ingredients people don't like, or add stuff in that they do like.

If I was four people instead of one, and had a freezer, this might be something I'd try.



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