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cat (no longer!!!) looking for a home.


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so niffermouse has rescued another stray cat from our neighbourhood. he's extremely friendly, and we are trying to find him a home before it gets cold out. free delivery to most anywhere in SoOn, he is not yet neutered but will be (pay what you can if you can, if you cannot i will).





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Oh, what a handsome boy!

How old is he (approx.) and is he good with other cats & kids?

he's probably less than a year old, has no problem with our cats. we are already full (five cats...yes i know, please don't start...) he is very friendly and docile and takes to new people. don't know about kids but he seems generally well disposed to bipeds.

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I am pleased to see there are two possible takers for this little guy.

My reasons?

Just two days ago, I was told that there is a small black and white cat near a friend's house that does not have a home. I expect my friend to capture the little guy and bring him to me. She cannot keep him because her husband is allergic, and I have made a promise to my wife that I will keep the number of animals in our home to a minimum. (Right now, I have a very rowdy dog, and a 19-year-old cat who does not take kindly to young felines.)

In anticipation of this captured stray, can I interest katlady or the Scullys (Scullies? Do you add "ie" to pluralize that one?) in a very sweet, homeless, black and white guy? (If you're into the ska scene, especially the second-wave in Britain, his colouring will go very well with your lifestyle and wardrobe.)

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an update to the story...happy cat went to the vet this week and got shots, a checkup and...ummm... *snip* :P

he is currently hanging out and sleeping and purring a lot, healing nicely in preparation for his big move to waterloo next week.

Ah, jambands.ca ... is there anything it CAN'T do?

Bringing stray cats and katladies together since '01.

Brings a tear to the eye, it does.


what she said.

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