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what the hell?


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Not a single person posted (tsk tsk stoney) about the lee perry show last night.

I know I could have but it totally slipped my mind.

his band was 'dub is a weapon' and they're brilliant.

they stole the show. more to come later but i just wanted to comment how suprised i am that nobody is overtly into dub.

What a hazy morning. feel good for me. It is difficult to do this without your help.


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as much as i can be direct about a lot of things online I was merely ribbing you.

i was absolutely suprised by a world class reggae outfit that spans NYC ska jazz ensemble, antibalas, and the toasters to name a few.

their first Canadian date. story to come but it's too much to get into at work right now. maybe if there's a break later...i'd like to sum my night up.

I think I know you enough to know that you take this community seriously. I appreciate it but please don't overextend yourself when the show goes under the radar and you're across the continent. i expected a DJ set with superfluous mcing.

be well my good man. I know you pass the word when you can. That's more than can be said for yours truly.

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