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THEMASSES w/ REDEYE Vancouver Island - December 1 & 2


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local emo-core accordian/folk-punk outfit, THEMASSES, will be boarding a sailing ship and are setting sail to VANCOUVER ISLAND!! ..for a weekend.

Please tell your friends as this is the first visit ever for this eclectic, post-Bowie, art-deco band.




w/ guests REDEYE




w/ guests REDEYE

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In case anyone is interested in a taste, here is a smokin show from 2006-06-10:

Themasses 2006-06-10

Available to stream...

I know that this link has already been posted in the Bit-Torrent Forum a long time back, just thought that I would save you the digging...

Any island-folk on the fence about these dates, I can promise that you won't be disappointed...

Themasses are one of Canada's best Funktronica bands going...

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to bad you went home early.

I knew that I could expect a smart-ass remark when I saw that you replied...

Now listen here C-Clown, I've told you once and I'll tell you again, I was there until the light had fully come up and the new day had began... It was like 9:00 or 9:30 AM when I left... Other than going for a booze run back to the Drake at like 4:00, I was there all night...

As for me missing the first part of the second set, I was still upstairs being a dirt-bag w/ my nose burried... I did catch the last bit of the first song, but I did miss the first part when Mark mentions that it was requested by me...

As for the post party, I was there... Trust me... I even saw the sorry likes of you kicking around...

I don't know why you have it in your head that I bailed...

Come back to AB soon, looking forward to bitch slapping you before too long... I'll even let you decide whether you want the front or the back-side of my hand...

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