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Happy GIS Day - Nov 16


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Huh? Damn ... didn't know there was a whole week, even a day, to celebrate geography!

They NEVER taught me that at Ryerson or York U (where I graduated with a geography major!)

I'm going to start celebrating right now with a tall Gin and Tonic :)

My drink originated in ENGLAND. Here is a link to GPS locations for pubs in the UK http://www.travelbygps.com/guides/england/pubs.php

the digitization proclamation of the declination of the destination through a compilation of aerotriangulation at a high elevation but please no rectification, triangulation or trilateration :)

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This cocktail was introduced by the British in India.

Touche! Hence, the beautiful Bombay Gin in the blue bottles . Wonder why they didn't change their name to Mumbai Gin? .

I guess i was thinking where people drink a lot of g&t's Right here right now

BRAD (Been Reading About Drinks)

Brilliant! Booze Reviews All Day

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Right now I need a map with the shortest distance between 90 Flyer drop off locations... anyone want to help me out?

My project for Patterson's class was cost-path analysis. If I had the tools I could whip that up for you no problem!

What you need is some lightweight logistics software.

But you're smart, you can figure this stuff out!!

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they didn't teach spelling at that school, some of the teachers may have been higher than the students.

what year were you there?

something tells me you had Terry Lemar..haha

he was there in the early 90's. He and his g/f Cathy lived in a tipi in his yard next to the college. Sound familiar?

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