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moe. in Chicago this weekend - PriceBashed!!


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This came together last night - I've been working pretty fast lately, probably because I am walking so slowly.

All prices below are TOTAL for 2 people.

Airfare - 305.25 USD

Hotel - 85.76 USD

Rental Car - 144.63

moe tickets - 190.54

BTW, TicketMaster had 8th row centre and 10th row centre tickets for the two shows last night, which we grabbed.

That comes to $363 US for EVERYTHING you see above per person! BASH THAT!

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hi basher!

turns out my hotel guy isn't as much as a 'guy' as we would have hoped he would be, and the hotel he's hooked us up with is much more expensive than we'd hoped to pay for!

normally, before i knew about your services, i'd just go to 8 different websites and see what i can find.. but wow.. that's a pretty cheap deal you've got cooking up there and i'm wondering how it all works. of course you'd have to subtract the airfare, the car rental (we're driving), and the tickets (we've got those). ;)

seriously. booking cheap hotels in chicago with no direction makes me feel... well, that my car might not be safe overnight.

can you help?

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