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I enjoy the technique of using the "gourmet" adjective for the liquid noun, SAUCE. And why is it only on the bottom layer?

I would think that you'd need at least one swipe of gourmet sauce on each iteration of patty/onion/cheese.

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djmelba do you like white spot legendary burgers? i like to have one from time to time when i'm in BC.

though lately when i go to the spot i've been getting the cantonese noodles...yummy.

but pirate paks were the shit when i was little!

I try to avoid the white spot, unless I'm on the ferry. They have exclusive rights to the food sold on the ferry which makes for a $9 burger. Admittedly they're pretty good but after getting hosed so many times over the years I find it really hard to give them any of my business while on solid land.

Haven't been in here for a while hope this response is still relevent.

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made turkey burgers this w.e., leftovers tonight

red onion




an egg


shredded carrot

shredded apple

wine (shiraz)

ketjap (Indonesian condiment)


fry's cocoa

olive oil

spicey italian sausage




tiny pinch of curry

loads of other spices

frig i'm starving!

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