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Our New TV Series to Air this MONDAY!

Greg Hemmings

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[blurb]Hi Everyone! Just a quickie to let you all know that we (Andrew Tidby & Greg Hemmings )have a new

TV series out which we made along with the good guys from DreamStreet

Pictures in Moncton. It goes to air on Monday night. Its called "Planet

Luxury". We went all over the globe to find the worlds most expensive

luxury items, and show how they were made. We found things like the most

expensive Watch (1million); Hat(3million); Boat(1million); Perfume($230,000

an ounce), Speakers ($100G per speaker)....... There are 10 episodes, each

with 2 items in it. The few people who have seen it so far seem to really

enjoy it![/blurb]

Its on "CTV Travel + Escape" which is a digital station, so you wont get it

with regular cable.

Monday, Feb. 19th at 8:30 p.m. ET, 9:30 p.m. PT, and here in Atlantic

Canada at 9:30pm. If you are in Saint John, go to Elwood's where we are

projecting it on a 12 foot screen!

Here are the Channels its on, as I know many of you are all over Canada.

Bell ExpressVu 527

Star Choice 572

Shaw Cable 102

SaskTel 104

MTS 302

Rogers Cable 267

Shaw Cable 102

Videotron 145

Eastlink Cable 160

The website should be up any day now at www.planetluxury.ca

and you can get more info at


I hope you like it!

Also, just a little favour. My good and long time friend Mary Kitchen is on

a TV series on CBC. It's a reality show, and the winner pretty much becomes

the voice of fashion in Canada. She is from Rothesay NB, and is the only

one of all of them who even knows what the Maritimes are! (and she is by far

the best person for the job!) Every week, drop her a vote at


And another favour...... Greg and I did a video for motor cross training a

while back. It got nominated for best extreme sports training video of the

year. Could you guys drop us a vote there?

www.greghemmings.com The voting link is at the top, and

if you scroll down, It's the 7th category down and is called "MARTY SMITH MX


Thanks! Love you all!

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